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The Dog
Dog Symbol
Love and Romantic Outlook
First Quarter
You'll be looking for everlasting love? Not quite so! What will most interest you at during this period will be to test your seduction power and to break hearts for your pleasure. You'll have no difficulty carrying out this program. Beware however of possible complications. In the last month of the period, conjugal life may cause you some problems. You'll hesitate to make a choice which seems decisive. However, if you try to think over it seriously, this choice will appear perfectly evident and inescapable. Anyway, talk about it with your spouse.
Second Quarter
If you're in love with someone since a long time, you must put more fancy in your relationships. Avoid routine and monotony as you do bubonic plague. "In love, there is no more appalling disaster than the death of imagination" (George Meredith). Your efforts will be rewarded. If you're free and intend to remain so, your love partners will all fail to put a rope round your neck this time. But this should not be a reason for continuing to court the danger as "by dint of going out at night one will end up meeting ghosts" (Vietnamese proverb).
Third Quarter
This period will be a windfall for single natives and lonely hearts. Suddenly, your existence will change drastically, for you'll undoubtedly experience a most exciting romance even though you may not have met the man (woman) of your life. Married couples will enjoy a renewal which will provide them with unknown delights and pleasures. However, the last month's sentimental climate may not be particularly agreeable. You may have to stay far from your beloved one, or your love life will become unstable and complicated and will bring you more trouble than enjoyment. You'll then have a seething desire to escape reality. The misunderstandings and separation may not be due to conscious intentions but rather to an unfortunate combination of circumstances.
Fourth Quarter
At the beginning of this period the situation will not be very rosy. All the doubts and anguishes which you've until then been able to dispel will come back to torture you. Yet, the man (woman) whom you love will show you his (her) attachment and devotion. But you'll need more than that in order to feel reassured. Fortunately, the situation will change for the better by the middle of this period. The atmosphere will then be one of harmony. At the theater, the cinema, rock or classic music concerts, you may meet a person with whom you'll have many things in common. And the affairs of your heart will then fare very well.
The Dog Lover
Dogs can be overly shy when making friends or courting someone. If they are interested, they want to make certain you are as well before expressing any interest. They are emotionally sensitive people, who don't take wounds to the heart very easily. As a lover, Dogs are compassionate, supportive partners, eager to hear about your day at work or the project you just finished. They share the highs and lows of being in love, defending their partners to anyone who attacks them.
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